The Psychographic Profile: What is it?

Money spent on advertising has increased in recent years. In 2007, it was estimated at $385 billion worldwide, and expected to exceed $450 billion by 2010. In the expensive world of advertising, product branding and market research, it is important to know your target market and more importantly, know how to communicate and influence them. Most companies invest in advertising based on the demographic variables such as age, gender or race and tend to overlook the significance of the factors which matter most – your target market’s decision making processes determined by an individual’s personality, interest and values.

Psychographics is a concept that most people are not entirely aware of. It may sound complicated but it is actually a lot simpler to implement in your business once you gain an understanding of how it impacts on your target market. Psychographics involves in depth research about a subject or a group of subject based on the following factors:

  • Activity, Interest, Opinion (AIO)

  • Attitudes

  • Personality

  • Values

  • Characteristics

Whereas impersonal data (demographics) such as product usage, age or gender are useful – they do not describe how to successfully communicate with your target market. Your ideal customers psychographic traits tell us how they interact with their environment - are they creative or rational? Extroverts or introverts? What do they value most when searching for products or services like yours – affordability, quality or durability? As a company you should determine who your ideal customers are and actively pursue them using psychographics to ensure you produce the best possible outcome through your branding and marketing material.

Information gathered from our Psychographic Profile will help you determine a graphic design strategy that will help boost brand awareness and sales. You fill in the questionnaire, telling us what Psychographic traits you want to communicate to your ideal customers and the systems produces a Psychographic Profile for your business - indicating what colours, fonts and shapes best communicate your intended message.

When visually communicating with your customers, go a little psycho – psychographic, that is.