“The Psychographic Profile measures emotional drivers your business wants to communicate to it's target market. After spending a considerable amount of funds trademarking my label, it was imperative that full potential branding was exploited at every level.  Doing the Psychographic Profile made me feel confident that I was on the right track and even though it was quite comprehensive, it really didn't take that long to do. The feedback I have received has been positive and hopefully will create strong foundations for my business. I also needed to get the emotional drivers right as I am in an emotional business - the bridal industry.”

Sharon Camilleri
Amadea - Luxury Bridal Accessories

“I had never undertaken any marketing before and I had no idea where to start with creating a brand. The Psychographic Profile gave me a good jumping off point and also confirmed that some of the ideas that I already had in mind were on the right track. This is a very useful tool for anyone starting a new business and needing to create a look that is just right for them.”

Rosemary Murphy
Two and Two Together Bookkeeping Services

“The Psychographic Profile tool provides valuable insights into logo colour, shape and font development.”

Gene Stark
Stark Reality